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Why Coca-Cola needs to put the fizz back into their content marketing strategy

In Joe Pulizzi’s recent book Epic Content Marketing he heralds Coca-Cola’s digital strategy as a great example of content marketing in action. Inspired by his ‘epic’ prose I thought I’d take a closer look.

Be warned, some of these insights will make you go ‘arghh!’ rather than Coca-Cola’s intended ‘ahhh.’
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5 content marketing recommendations for the sun+ homepage

There’s been a lot of talk recently about The Sun going behind a paywall and we’re still debating whether this will be a success or not. Competitors like The Mirror and MailOnline have already gone into overdrive to capitalise on this opportunity in search, so what has the ‘currant bun’ done to reposition its proposition? Do doubt probably plenty of PR and marketing – but how about the homepage? Does it give me a real reason to start paying for their content? Let’s see…
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Content strategy recommendations for the new Esquire weekly app

Always great to see a publication like Esquire enter the mobile domain, especially in the form of weekly updates. Magazine subscriptions are heading south so it’s refreshing to see this new emphasis to acquire new audience. It’s bonkers that some magazine publishers still only offer monthly editions on apps – how can they get true traction from that?

You know the drill. Here’s a list of content strategy recommendations would implement if I ruled the world:

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7 content strategy recommendations for the new Elle UK online store

When I recently reviewed the Glamour UK website I mentioned I’d be looking at other women’s magazine sites – so here goes. This week I’ve had a chance to look at Elle UK who have just launched a brand new online store which looks great but could do with a few tweaks here and there.

In short, although the team have taken steps to integrate the online store into the main site, the two experiences are quite different. Any steps to blend these experiences will result in an increase in conversions. Consumers (and editors!) just love consistency.
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13 content strategy recommendations for the website

I’m probably going to regret this post but I’ve seen a number of women’s magazine websites launched recently with some pretty fundamental errors worth commenting on. When I originally wrote this post I didn’t intend to single out Glamour, but as I uncovered more and more ‘challenges’ the post took on a life of its own. In no way is this a criticism of the editorial on this website, but I think the issues below do highlight a fundamental disconnect between design and content.
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