How to work with a content strategist

Because content strategy is still a relatively new field with no one defining methodology, I thought it might be helpful to write about my own approach. This might not suit all content strategists out there but here’s how I work with clients.

  • First I explain content strategy in simplified terms e.g.’It’s all about managing your content to make it future proof’. Content strategy can get complicated so let’s not waste time on the various definitions out there. right?
  • Then I define it by what it is not e.g. It is not about copywriting, although I do have copywriting experience.
  • How I work with a company will depend on the circumstances. Ideally, the process would kick-off by sense checking the business objectives and current strategy. This would give me the big picture rather than diving directly into, for example, social media engagement.
  • I usually find that high-level analysis is usually conducted at the same time as immediate improvements ‘on the ground’. So, if there’s a relaunch scheduled in three months time, I’d help the team get prepared whilst also feeding back on the core objectives.
  • I’d prioritize where I can see highest impact, quickly. After all, why wait three months for a recommendation when you could make the change today, measure and reflect?

The methodology changes from client to client because it’s based on numerous factors – resource, technology, politics. However, I hope I’ve given some insight and I’d love to know your views and any further questions you might have.

Do you have any questions about working with a content strategist? Please feel free to email me directly or use the comments below.

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Steven Wilson-Beales

Content strategy consultant
I'm Head of Editorial at Global Radio, London looking after a fantastic range of websites including Capital FM, Capital Xtra, Heart, XFM, LBC, Classic FM and Smooth. Find me on and Twitter. Please feel free to email me here.

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