My Skills

Here are some of the things I do. I also play guitar pretty badly but let’s move on:

– Editorial team management
– Web / mobile / tablet content & digital strategy
– Messaging & Storytelling
– Guidelines/standards
– Content Management
– CMS Workflows and Requirements
– Content Platform Migrations
– Personas, User journeys
– Site maps | Taxonomy
– Launch planning
– Search & SEO
– Video Editing

Linkedin Profile:

What’s Content Strategy?
Does your site suffer from too much jargon? Are there so many promotions on your homepage that you’ve forgotten what the core content and products are?

Perhaps, your site struggles with mobile because it’s either replicates the PC experience exactly, or looks sadly neglected? Or, perhaps you’re doing fine on your website, it’s just that you’re struggling to captivate an audience over on social media?

These are all areas that content strategy can help with. From evaluating your core proposition and competitive positioning to looking at issues around information architecture, design and content; content strategy is all about aligning business objectives with real, audience needs.

I can’t speak for every project, but a lot of this is about stripping away and simplifying your digital proposition. We live in a world of information overload – so instead of adding more and more to what we’ve already got, we need to look again at what our audience really wants.

How does content strategy work?
Maybe you’re launching a brand new digital experience or just giving it a refresh – either way it’s useful to incorporate content strategy right at the beginning of the process.

Typically, to get things started you might provide:

  • Business goals and metrics
  • Audience insights
  • Performance data
  • Current content collateral – style guides, consumer propositions etc.

A content strategist might then provide:


  • Content audit
  • Competitive research
  • Voice/tone proposition


  • Content matrix
  • Editorial Style Guide
  • Content Model/Taxonomies
  • Metadata Schemas
  • SEO Guidelines


  • Workflow designs
  • Content sourcing
  • Editorial content management
  • Social media strategy


  • Editorial calendar
  • Measurements and analytics
  • Content and report templates
  • Content review

And that’s it! Phew!

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter where I’ll be posting relevant insights from time to time. And of course you can always email me directly.