Jon Norris on a 1950s approach to content strategy: The content marketing show 2013

Jon Norris, from the accountancy firm Crunch, look at some of the tired and tested processes that we could use for our content strategy.

  • We have more innovations that we could ever need, in the history of innovations, it’s all happening NOW.
  • Mature services like Twitter or Facebook open up their services via API to help their users and overcome platform silos.
  • After trying numerous workflow tools, Jon decided to use a whiteboard with post it notes – based on the agile Kanban board method
  • If your software methods aren’t working, burn them.
  • A note board can show instant visibility, reduce software costs and reduces time for planning and reporting.

Jon signed off by asking us to reconsider our software choices.

It was a simple message but well presented. I probably wasted hours of my life flitting from Google Drive to WordPress. Sometimes easiest is best.

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