Kieran Flanagan on creating great content: The Content Marketing Show, November 2013

Hubspot’s Kieran Flanagan banged the drum for personas which should be the central focus of any content marketing strategy.  If you don’t use these then you won’t be able to create compelling content for your target audience – you’ll be producing spam.

  • Creating ‘remarkable’ communications is not marketing ‘fluff’ – it’s about targeting…
  • Content is important but so is context. Distribution is essential to any campaign – if you spend ten hours making a piece of content, you need to spend another ten hours promoting it.
  • Target your communications – Kieran took us through Facebook ads and Twitter.
  • He recommended paid content discovery services like Outbrain.
  • Always know the right time to promote your content to your desired audience. Ask yourself: ‘when is the right time I can really add value here?’

Here are the presentation slides…

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