How to prepare for your first job interview in digital journalism

For the last two months I’ve been really busy interviewing some great people for the company I work for. As any manager will tell you, choosing the right people for a role is the most important part of any project and it’s always great to hear other people’s opinions about the business you’re in.

However, over the last few weeks I’ve met some candidates who could have done better if they’d  thought just a little harder before attending the interview. That’s not a criticism, I’ve had some bad interviews myself when I’ve applied for roles, but I thought I’d share some useful tips without sounding too patronising. Here goes…

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PopBuzz: from zero to hero in six months


You may have noticed over the last six months at Global we’ve been pretty busy updating our mobile presence with new apps and mobile websites to better serve our audience.

In addition to our ‘mobile-first’ initiative, we challenged ourselves to launch a completely new content proposition without any support from our radio brands. We wanted to do this for a number of reasons but mostly to prove to the business (and ourselves) that we could do this on our own by taking advantage of recent tools and techniques. I think someone may have even used the word ‘agile’.

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Thoughts after attending News:rewired, July 2015


For the last four years I’ve pretty much attended every News:rewired event London and I’ve never been disappointed. True, there may be some topics that are more relevant than others but you’re always certain to discover something new in the world of digital news, even though it might not be directly applicable to your immediate work.

I’ve included my tweets from the event below, but I found Guardian’s Head of Social and Community, Laura Oliver’s outline of how she drives engagement and loyalty quite impressive.  According to her, we need to move beyond the notion of community as ‘just comments’ to one of ‘involvement, contribution and trust’. She included some great examples so I’ll certainly be spending more time on the Guardian website looking at how they organise this aspect of digital news.  You can read further here.

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What’s the difference between a content strategist and a content designer?


Last Thursday I attended an excellent Content Lab meetup in London organised by Facebook’s Tom Hewitson where we discussed the various definitions of ‘content strategist’ alongside various other roles like ‘content architect’, ‘content designer’ and ‘content marketer’.

It was an interesting discussion and, in short, I don’t think we reached anything conclusive, but it was an interesting exercise because these kind of definitions influence a) pay grades b) help employers understand what they’re getting when they hire any of these roles and c) allows us all to better describe what we do.

Also, we continually need to strive for these definitions in an age where the internet ‘devalues’ job titles so quickly. Everyone is an ‘Editor’ or a ‘Social Media Specialist’ now.

Rachel Braille who attended was very adamant that the difference between content strategist and content designer was simply the former looks after the strategy, the latter executes – but when we looked deeper, the lines seemed to blur.

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Amazing Content Editors required for brand new Youtuber website

Do you know your PewDiePie’s from your ThirdPews? Do you live and breathe Youtube and can’t wait until the next upload from your favourite digital star? Well, if you have proven multimedia and editorial skills, we might have just the job for you…
We are launching a brand new digital channel looking exclusively at Youtubers and we’re looking to put together a crack team to deliver the product within 3 months. So if you’re a budding Youtuber and/or a content editor with experience of reporting on all things Youtube, please look at the following requirements and get in contact below.

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I’m looking for an amazing Online Editor to join our Popbuzz website team

Over the last 6 months we’ve been beavering away on a brand new website looking at all things pop music, internet and (yes I’m going to say it) ‘Millennial’. Now it’s time to expand our team and we’re looking for a Senior Editor with management experience to guide our team of freelancers from our London office.

The role will initially be on a 3 month temporary contract which could well be extended. If you’re interested please email me here with your CV and examples of your work.

What you’ll be doing

  • You’ll be responsible for creating and curating videos, gifs, pictures, memes, quizzes, and lists that users will want to share and interact with.
  •  You’ll be creating content at a fast pace to ensure the product is topical and responsive.
  • You’ll be responsible for editing and publishing content, and sharing it with our community and beyond.
  • You know how to write a killer, attention-grabbing headline that users can’t wait to engage with. You’ll also have experience presenting (to camera or audio) and feel comfortable recording audio spots

    That’s it. Get in contact!

Global Radio Commercial Editor Wanted (2 Days per week)

Evening all,
As this position has just been posted I thought I’d let you know. If you’re interested please tweet me.

Location: London

Role Objective and Context:

To work as part of the Global Commercial Programming team to deliver online commercial campaigns for our Regional agency business. The primary role will be taking responsibility for the creation & delivery of online commercial content via the Regional Agency & Commercial Programming team

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