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Managing the digital content strategy for the Jingle Bell Ball 2014

One of the reasons I absolute love working for Global Radio is being involved in the amazing selection of events they put on each year. Whether it’s Capital’s Summertime Ball, Jingle Bell Ball or XFM’s Winter Wonderland – it’s always an exciting time of year as the company rallies round to deliver a brilliant experience for our audience.

As a content person I particularly love these live events because, no matter how much you plan in advance, there are always challenges (and opportunities) that crop up which need to be dealt with in the moment. If you want to get academic, it means providing an editorial structure that is nimble enough to adapt to traffic behaviour, potential technical difficulties, competitors or just amazing stuff that just happens on the day that you couldn’t have prepared for in any planning session. And it rocks.

This year covering Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball has been extra special for us as we’ve recently launched our brand new mobile site only a few weeks ago. As the majority of the Capital audience visit us via mobile, it’s been important to ensure they get the best experience possible and, looking at the positive growth in audience numbers, it’s good to see they agree!

Besides updating platforms, I think the biggest change we made this year to cover the ball was just around workflow. This is the nerdy side of editorial that, I must admit, I’m very interested in. This year we really looked at the time it took to deliver content to our audience from inception (onstage performances or backstage antics) to delivery (video, gallery, article etc) and eliminated any obstacles. That meant creating a workflow that adapted throughout the day and in accordance with the content we wanted to prioritise.

Layer on search and social and that’s an interesting beast to manoeuvre – and only made possible by a brilliant digital content team working within a slick operation that is all working towards a common goal.

Day one is now over and I’m about to head over to the O2 to prepare for the arrival of another fantastic lineup of artists. If you’re with us today in person, or through radio, online or mobile, I hope you have a brilliant day!

Follow Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball live blog here.

Capital FM website.

Jon Norris on a 1950s approach to content strategy: The content marketing show 2013

Jon Norris, from the accountancy firm Crunch, look at some of the tired and tested processes that we could use for our content strategy.

  • We have more innovations that we could ever need, in the history of innovations, it’s all happening NOW.
  • Mature services like Twitter or Facebook open up their services via API to help their users and overcome platform silos.
  • After trying numerous workflow tools, Jon decided to use a whiteboard with post it notes – based on the agile Kanban board method
  • If your software methods aren’t working, burn them.
  • A note board can show instant visibility, reduce software costs and reduces time for planning and reporting.

Jon signed off by asking us to reconsider our software choices.

It was a simple message but well presented. I probably wasted hours of my life flitting from Google Drive to WordPress. Sometimes easiest is best.

Lauren Pope on the difference between content marketing and content strategy

To kick start her presentation Lauren  Pope from Brilliant Noise compared the Content Marketing Institute’s definition of content marketing and Kristina Halvorson’s definition of content strategy to demonsrate the differences.

CMI: “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Halvorson: “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.”

Pope: “Content strategy plans for the why, content marketing for the what.”

Lauren referred to the Brilliant Noise content strategy model:

  • Purpose: The reason why your content exists. Establish your purpose, make sure everyone is on the same page, particularly from senior management.
  • Principles: the foundations of your content to ensure constancy. Lauren referred to Coca -cola’s liquid content strategy. Consistency helps to bridge the silos. Everyone knows what they need to do and how to do it.
  • Platforms: choose the one that is right for you. Lauren recommended editorially for short form content and scribbler for long form.
  • Process: a formula or recipe for a repeatable process. Process helps with sign off, if there is a strong criteria for submitting content.
  • People: use content organisation models to help address governance – either everyone feels they own the content or no one is bothered.
  • Performance: engagement is more than just likes or PVs. What about share of voice, or reduction of number of call centre calls…

Lauren signed off by saying that content strategy is all about coming up with a great formula with your content. Implementing content strategy is hard so take it step by step and address your client’s biggest pain points first.

7 content strategy recommendations for the new Elle UK online store

When I recently reviewed the Glamour UK website I mentioned I’d be looking at other women’s magazine sites – so here goes. This week I’ve had a chance to look at Elle UK who have just launched a brand new online store which looks great but could do with a few tweaks here and there.

In short, although the team have taken steps to integrate the online store into the main site, the two experiences are quite different. Any steps to blend these experiences will result in an increase in conversions. Consumers (and editors!) just love consistency.
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