About Me

The North Downs, Kent, gives me a very good reason run !
The North Downs, Kent, gives me a very good reason run !

I live in Kent near the beautiful Darent Valley, infamous for its lavender fields, Samuel Palmer and several outstanding ales that may have influenced more than one drunken pilgrimage to Canterbury.

I started my career as an online music journalist in London after leaving University and I’ve been passionate about content ever since. In 2004 I joined the digital team at Ministry of Sound, initially as Content Editor and then became Head of Internet (my choice of title) until 2007. I then transferred to MSN UK and ran their Entertainment team as Managing Editor for five years.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work for such brilliant (and fun!) companies and to find myself in the situation where the entire industry has realised the potential of content to secure the longevity of their business. Companies like to work with me because of my breadth of knowledge and hands-on approach. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

I should also mention that I’m also extremely passionate about music having been involved in several bands in the past. I tried to keep this hobby separate from this blog but it’s already creeping in. Old habits die hard.

Oh, and here’s me on stage. No singing this time, they said they were fully booked.