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  • Steven Wilson-Beales

My interview with Media Masters podcast

I was recently interviewed on the Media Masters podcast which was great fun. I’ve been a fan of the podcast series for a while now as they always have some fantastic interviews with editorial leads so it’s a great way to find out how brands pitch the uniqueness of their output. Hopefully, this will give listeners an insight into how I do SEO at Global, and how I got into the role in the first place. One thing – this interview as recorded just before the final rollout of Google Helpful Content Update. At the time, it had a lot of SEOs flustered because of the ironically unhelpful post that Google released with that update. Just another example of the work we do to try and interpret what Google intends, and what may actually happen in the serps. Anyway, there’s lots of points I raise in the interview, and you’ll get an insight into my slightly chaotic career path. You can listen to the the podcast interview with Steven Wilson-Beales here.


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