Best content strategy links of the week: Friday, September 13

Each week I curate a list of content strategy links I've discovered online with topics ranging from planning and governance to ux, mobile, seo and search. Hope you enjoy them!
Oh look! There’s Rachel Lovinger with Dave Gorman! © Rachel Lovinger

This week’s been entirely dominated by two major content events – The Content Strategy Forum in Helsinki and Content Marketing World in the states. There’s been a lot of insights shared at those events which I’ll cover more extensively in another post when the dust settles, for now here are my top picks of the week.

Media Talk interview with Dave Gorman
Wonderful interview with TV comedian Dave Gorman here, touching on everything from modern media consumption to comedy timing. Gorman suggests the rapid rise of social media has produced a new form of ‘social capitalism’ where everyone is involved in projecting the best version of themselves online at the expense of the ‘real’ you. He argues the best version of you is you. Simples.

How taxonomies help news organizations understand and categorize their content
‘Stuart Myles, director of information management at the AP, led the team that built the AP News Taxonomy with machine-learning and natural-language-processing tools to teach computers how to make decisions instead of having a person read every article or look up a caption on every photo. Once the computer decides the appropriate tags to add, those tags are attached to the article’s or photo’s metadata.’

Great demonstration of the power of taxonomy for your business:

Which metrics should publishers be using in Google Analytics?
Useful reminder of the fact that true engagement has nothing to do with page views.

Are there any serious lessons to be learnt from Mail Online’s content strategy?
Loved this post on Econsultancy this week. You may be morally challenged by some of the stories published on that site, but it is the world’s most popular newspaper for a reason – storytelling that really understands context.

I loved how a simple screenshot of search results for Miley Cyrus demonstrates the content strategy of the organisation. Publish, publish, publish  – and be damned.

Are People Talking More About Miley Cyrus Or Syria?
Continuing the Miley Cyrus theme – look what happens when you combine brilliant editorial with a Facebook API feed. I love stuff like this.

Content Strategy Forum 2013: Kristina’s Halverson’s use of RACI
Ok, ok –  I’ll include some highlights from content strategy forum 2013 here. When should you involve a content strategist in your project? Kristina’s useful application of the RACI model sheds some light on this. In short, involve the content strategist as much as possible!


Content Strategy Forum 2013: Christiaan W. Lustig: There is a mobile context
Excellent case study demonstrating how content should be prioritised for mobile.

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