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Best content strategy links of the week, September 20

Each week I curate a list of content strategy links I've discovered online with topics ranging from planning and governance to ux, mobile, seo and search. Hope you enjoy them!
© Andreas Dantz
Kate Kiefer onstage at UX Thursday Detroit © Andreas Dantz

Kate Kiefer Lee – Voice and Tone Live
If you haven’t heard Kate talk about Voice and Tone at Mailchimp then here’s your chance in this great keynote presentation from UX Thursday Detroit. And if you haven’t visited the www.voiceandtone.com site then get to it!

Sun online’s disastrous paywall start as traffic plunges by 62%
Oh dear, the knives are out on this one. It’ll be interesting to see how The Sun adapts its marketing campaign, after all, paywalls are all about the long-view.
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5 content marketing recommendations for the sun+ homepage

There’s been a lot of talk recently about The Sun going behind a paywall and we’re still debating whether this will be a success or not. Competitors like The Mirror and MailOnline have already gone into overdrive to capitalise on this opportunity in search, so what has the ‘currant bun’ done to reposition its proposition? Do doubt probably plenty of PR and marketing – but how about the homepage? Does it give me a real reason to start paying for their content? Let’s see…
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